Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am so proud of the fact that ...

my sons MUTE the commercials when they are watching TV. Although maybe they should be muting the shows too. Today they were watching something in passing, a cartoon no less, (Tim and I were in the room too) and I heard someone use the term 'blowhard'. I am not sure what channel it was. We promptly changed it.

We spent the afternoon straightening up our basement/catchall room and hanging out there enjoying the clean afterwards. I finally finished entering the last of my used books. I could probably get more free from craigslist but I truly don't know where I would put them!

I actually looked over there just now - maybe I could snap a quick picture. Wait, is that book shelf leaning? They are anchored to the wall, but hmmm. I"ll have to get Tim to look at that for us.
Here is the link to the full current inventory.

We are embarking on a debt reduction plan and any book sales will be put toward that project.

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