Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Charlie tells me that when Simon and Mia play with their play doctor set, they pretend that the yellow cube with blue buttons that says 'emergency' is used to check if something got stuck in their throat and went into their knee. Clearly a human body lesson is in order, since I covered in quick conversation this morning what a 'pager' is. Before there were cell phones, you could send someone just the phone number and then they would have to find a phone and call you back.

aaah, the pre-pager generation.


sarah said...

Hello Lewis Family! This is Sarah Chandler now Peterson. I got your blog address from Sarah Steele a few days ago and just wanted to say hi. Hope all of you are doing good. I know it has been a very LONG time since we spoke. You have a wonderful looking family. Charlie is the baby I remember and he is so big now. Time is really flying. My husband Brian and I just welcomed our daughter Kaitlin Rose on May 21 of this year. I will be reading your blogs for some mother advice. When you get a free minute here is my email address sarah.chandler@firstcitizens.com. Take care. Love Sarah

sarah said...