Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Christian radio, not so Christian message...

WGTS 91.9 - Christian radio station in the DC area.

I have been listening to the same sound clip for weeks now of a caller telling Brennan that behind every man is a good woman (Becky). I have been trying to make sense out of it. It may seem harmless on the surface and even the DJs laugh about the comment made, maybe out of politeness. But by playing the clip incessantly, this station openly perpetuates to the anti-male culture that has developed in this country, and across the world I am sure, since the rise of the feminist movement. James Dobson, trusted author and speaker, whom we hear on this station through out the day, touches on this idea in his book Bringing Up Boys. Men, fathers in particular, are portrayed negatively in everything from sitcoms to greeting cards. Since reading that book, I am more aware of and try to steer our family clear of media outlets (print, television and now radio) who participate in this unfair and unChristian treatment of men.
It distresses me to hear this clip again and again. We choose this radio station because it is 'family friendly'. But children, including my young sons, who hear this idea that men are incompetent or inferior to women, don't have the ability to filter out these comments. What will they grow up thinking about their father, and grandfather, and uncles, and about themselves? Consider this: if the caller presented the opposite view, and had referred to the woman as needing the man behind her to make her look good, they wouldn't dare broadcast it. But in our culture this is accepted. Or is it overlooked? The apathy implied here is just as dangerous.

I have written the station on this matter, and hope to hear from them soon. I'll post their reply if I can. I have included a link to the station's website where you can hear it streaming live through out the day. Although, you might not want to listen to it all day. They seem to have a limited song selection which they can cycle through three, or sometimes four, times a day. It's sometimes comforting, sometimes monotonous.

Also, Mia wanted me to post this picture of 'squished man'.
(my apologies, it is completely inappropriate for this blog post, not sure why she drew it, or titled it this)

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