Thursday, March 29, 2007

around town

We had an exciting field trip last night into the city for a book signing. Neal Boortz, talk radio personality, was in Washington, DC, signing books. We schlepped the kids ... can't believe I spelled that correctly and blogger isn't highlighting it as a unknown/misspelling... any we took the kids into the city on the train on a weekday afternoon. It was quite a different experience from Saturday mornings on the metro. Around six o'clock, Mr. Boortz wanders up the escalator with his latte in hand, and says 'hey people'. I think he was surprised to see any people, since he isn't on-the-air here in DC. It was a rather light crowd - my estimate was about 50, Tim thinks it was less. It's hard to say because people were arriving after he had finished his bit of talking and was signing books. The kids behaved well (on the back row) and waited patiently with Tim and I until it was our turn (last... because they went from the front to the back row by row.) He was quite friendly, said Mia was a cutie, and even asked her name. Then he told her to tell her daddy "homeschool me"! (another interesting editing note, blogger insists that homeschool is two words.)

It was a great experience overall, and this is just the short version. I'll try to post more later about another book I am reading by John Stossel, Give Me a Break.

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