Saturday, December 30, 2006

So long, old friend...

We have returned victorious! We found an amazing new place to live in Alexandria, Va. See Tim's blog for pictures.

Also, we were surprised to find that while we were away our dear old cat Moses passed away. We had taken him to the vet this summer after he lost a lot of weight. They were unable to determine what was wrong. He bounced back eventually, but we noticed him taking a turn down the same road again these last few weeks - sleeping a lot (even for a cat) and losing weight again. I had seen this pattern earlier this year when my sister's cat was ill and then passed away.
We are a bit overwhelmed with this news. The boys, especially, as they really missed him while they were at Nana's for four days. Mia wasn't affected in the same way though. She asked if he was still dead, and then said that she told God that Moses was dead. Poor Simon keeps asking to see Moses. We explained that we want him to remember Moses healthy and happy. Chas noticed that we forgot to give Moses his Christmas present. It lay on the hearth unopened. We decided to include it in the box with Moses when we bury him later this morning. Moses had been our friend for nearly nine years. He was our first son, in a way. We'll make a scrap book together this week with photos and stories. Depending how the week goes with the move coming up, I'll try to post some of the stories.

Our Christmas was wonderful, filled with family as it should be. Please forgive my hyperlinking, others have posted lovely blogs, much more intelligible than I can manage at this point. Josee has Christmas pictures up on her blog, at the Meehan Family Photoblog. See also, the Family Christmas Jam (Tim and PopPop's movie on Josee's blog.) I'll try to post some pictures of our Christmas morning at home soon.

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