Monday, September 25, 2006

This game I created using some crayola flashcards that we hadn't ever used in my recollection, probably purchased at the dollar store. The front of each card shows picture representations and the back loosely demonstrates a number sentence to correspond. I made number sentences on craft sticks, and store them in a baggie taped to the front of the folder. This self checking game will hopefully offer some practice transitioning from pictures to the number symbols they represent. Other cards in the set include numbers one through twenty on the backs and pictures on the front. That makes one set for our youngest, with numbers 1-10, our four year old gets the game with the set of 11-20. This one above is for our six year old, mainly, but I sense the others will be ready for before I can blink. But that is three different games from one set of $1 cards .

These two games, above, I made for our two year old, who very much likes things in order. The shape and color cards were from the one set, which was 'Barbie'. But she can also use the Pooh cards, below, and any number of other flashcards I happen to find out there. Better still, she can make her own out of index cards and magazine cut outs. She loves cutting and gluing. All the game pieces store in a plastic baggie taped to the front of the folder.

Math Path - an idea gleaned from A+ Activities for First Grade. The boys decorated it with Transformer pages they cut up and glued on. They use the smallest Transformers as game pieces. Make 8-10 each of (+) and (-) cards. Later they can progress to multiplication and division, word problems, etc. Laminate for a longer lasting game board.
Roll two dice, choose a card from the stack (+) or (-), apply the operation to the numbers on your dice, and move forward.

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wheretheheelami said...

fun!!! i'm totally gonna play those games here in seminary with my friends.

-cousin bRian