Wednesday, August 09, 2006

our new minivan

This is our second experience purchasing through ebay motors, Tim's vintage Mini Cooper being the first. A dealer in Raleigh was offering this 2001 Toyota Sienna within our price range. Tim drove all five of us all the way to North Raleigh on Wednesday to test drive it. We decided it was the right van for us, a smooth ride. It has a lot of bells and whistles that are really not neccessary - like power doors, JBL speakers, and leather seats, and some nice features that will generally make the ride more comfortable - like cruise control, rear air conditioner, and a full sliding sun roof! Our main reasons for replacing our existing (paid for) Dodge Caravan, was the high mileage and the lack of space. We had put 50 thousand miles on it in the nearly three years we owned it, totalling 111 thousand in all. In that time we had no problems at all, major nor minor. Brakes, tires and oil changes is all I remember. It's like driving a ticking time bomb, though, like something could go wrong at anytime. Another main reason was the rate of growth of family. The boys had barely any leg room in the back and there wasn't even space in the trunk for stroller(s) and groceries. We are going to park the old van on the base d.i.y. used car lot, where we have sold cars before. There are not many minivans out there right now, and the ones that are there have much higher miles than ours, and some are even more expensive. We don't expect it to be there long. I'll not disclose exactly when, but we pick up the new van in Raleigh soon.

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