Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hi, all! Thanks for checking in with our little blog here. We are settling in nicely here in our new home. Completely unpacked in 8 weeks or less! I have freecycled all but a very few remaining empty boxes. At one point we had 60 + boxes in the family room! We had a yard sale recently, too. It was surprising that I found so much stuff to get rid of, after cleaning out a few months ago, just prior to listing the old house for sale. But despite having so much to put out, we really did not get much traffic, nor much profit at all. Blame the heat, it was h-o-t that morning. But $88 and 5 hours later, I took 4 boxes of leftovers to the goodwill store, and freecycled a few large items. There are times when a tax reciept makes sense, and other times, when cash feels good in the pocket.
In other news, we closed on the house in Clayton earlier this week. It was actually beneficial (to the heart, not the bank account) to have so much time between actually moving out and completing the sale. This way, the emotional attatchment had time to fade, and the frustration had time to build (sign the paper already!). So it was a relief to see the check of proceeds in the mailbox today. All these years, it seemed as though we were not able to invest or save substantially. Now we are simply (and finally) investing in a more visible and liquid manner. Our goal is to build a dome house when Tim leaves the military, whenever that may be. We have been looking into options on these kinds of houses for a few years now. Do a quick Google image search on 'geodesic dome', 'dome house' or 'dome home' and see how beautiful and unique these mostly do-it-yourself homes can be.
Well, it's only a short update, because it's bed time for munchkins! Speaking of which, forgive me for not posting any recent pictures of the kids, I am without a digital camera momentarily. Soon to be remedied...

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