Monday, June 19, 2006


I am posting this APB for missing Casserole Dish and his lesser known partner in crime, Springform Pan. Before being reported missing, they were often spotted at potlucks and holiday dinners, though it is unknown when or where they were last seen. Casserole Dish is oval, white Corningware and has a glass lid a bit smaller than the outer measurement of the dish itself, the lid sits inside the rim and is recessed a bit. Distinctive markings: possibly a tulip or other leggy type of foliage wound around the inner edge above where the lid sits. Usually seen serving greenbean casserole. I know Casserole Dish is out there somewhere, because the plastic freezer safe lid is here and anxiously awaiting their reunion. Springform Pan is dark gray metal, 8.5 inches in diameter. No further description is available. Last seen serving pumpkin cheesecake, at least 18 months ago.

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Maggie's Attic said...

Do not have said items, but alas I do have a spare springform pan. Result of unorganized kitchen during The Reformation; could not find the original so I bought another. sigh. Only in America. Do not need 2 and would be happy to donate one to your springform vacuum.