Thursday, May 18, 2006

We are finally moving, again...

We are finally moving to be with Tim...again. We have been packing and storing things for two months now in anticipation of this. Memorial Day weekend we'll load a truck and head out. We will be renting a house not too far from the one we lived in last time. This house we are in now, which we own, is still on the market. However, we do have an interested party. They are tying up loose ends on the sale of their house and preparing to offer on ours. Even though it is not on paper yet, we feel it is necessary to go ahead as planned. Seeing Tim only on weekends is wearing all of us down, and the constant travel is expensive, comparable even to the expense of owing both mortgage and rent. We realize that it may seem to outsiders a hasty decision to move before the house is sold or even under contract. We also realize the support and prayers of all our friends and family is what will get us through. We feel that we are taking the best course of action for our family given the circumstances, just as anyone would do for their family.

We are all so excited about the prospect of seeing Tim every night, instead of just every weekend. On Wednesdays, the boys get so excited to say 'Dad will be home day after tomorrow'. This week when I told them that there would only be one more Wednesday till I we move, and see him everyday.

I regret that I cannot share much more news as far as the direction of Tim's career, or where our next move will be. Nothing is set in stone and everything is subject to change in the blink of an eye. When we have orders on paper - that's about as concrete as things get - we'll let everyone know when and where. Meanwhile, I have sent out change of address cards to most people, if I had their address. If you send me your address, via e-mail, I'll make sure you get a card. However, use a pencil when you add us to your book!!

I am adding an off-topic pic of Simon that was just too cute to not post. Courtesy of Pop Pop.

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