Friday, April 21, 2006

House for Sale

I know, I know... it's been waaaaaaayyyyyy too long since I last posted. We have been working our heinies off getting the house ready to sell. One full month ago I started cramming stuff into an offsite storage that we rented up the road a bit. The idea was to make the space seem bigger. It has worked. I am so much happier with out all that stuff under our feet, that I wonder how much of what I put in the storage building I actually want to keep. Tim concurs, and the plan is to take much of it to the thrift shop. We also dropped over $1000 at Lowe's Home Improvement. Let me see if I can remember what we spent it on... replaced knobs on the kitchen cabinets, installed new full glass storm door on the front, new door knob and paint on the front door, new door bell plate, new welcome mat, new curtain rods and sheers in the living room, fresh paint in the living room and hall, new retractable screen door for the back door, fresh paint on the back door, pressure washed the front porch floor, rail and ceiling and touched up the paint, including the shutters, pressure washing the back deck this weekend, fresh paint on the mailbox, added flowers/mulch, hanging baskets and a container garden on the front porch. That's all in the last month. Since we moved back here 15 months ago, we added hardwood floors in the kitchen living room, roman shades/valance on the picture window in the dining room, under cabinet halogen lighting, new halogen track lighting in the kitchen on a dimmer switch, flourescent light in the laundry room, wall paper border in the laundry room, painted both bathrooms, added an extra can light over the hall bathroom tub, and five can lights on the porch, also on a dimmer switch.

The best improvement by far though has been to get all the clutter out. It has made my job of keeping the house neat and tidy so much easier. The house went into the MLS this week, with a bunch of very flattering photos of the inside of the house. We are thrilled with our agent, his concept is that the owner shows their own house. Saves us money (2.4% total fee) because it saves him time. This allows us to be the ones 'selling' the house and all its features, we know our house best. But he takes care of the marketing, negotiating, and the closing.

So here is a link to the house in all its glory.

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