Thursday, October 13, 2005

new hard wood floor

Tim laid hardwood flooring in the kitchen this week. I helped as much as I could. The kids were here with us the whole time. The boys said the glue was peanut butter. And Mia kept stepping in the glue and leaving little glue-y foot prints all over the place. Very cute, we considered leaving them there.
There was an interesting progression over the two or three days that it took. The first day I stood there watching, trying to see where was a good place to jump in and actually be helpful and not in the way. I began to think that it was a little early in the homecoming phase to attempt a home improvement project together. I finally found a niche and we got a rhythm. I would lay down the glue, Tim would go behind me and lay the wood planks and tap them into place. We went across the kitchen the long way, so by the time we got to one end, I would go back to the beginning and start gluing again while he cut the boards to fit the far end. There are a few rows left at the edge near the back door, we need to get a table saw to rip the boards to fit. By the end, we were working well together. I think it was a neccessary process. Tim has been home for I think nearly four weeks now. Some estimates (from professionals tasked with helping military families adjust) allow one week recovery for every month of separation.

There are pictures here. I love it more than I thought I would, even though I am becoming a mad woman about keeping it clean.


Phala Garrett said...

I think your floor looks great!!!! Hope everything is going good for you guys. We're still waiting word from Todd on a date. He did say their replacements arrived yesterday(10/12/05). That's a good sign I hope. Take care and enjoy each other. Hope to see you soon and thanks for all your help Tuesday. Phala

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jax, it is GORGEOUS! You guys did such a good job. Maybe Jim will see it and let me have a new floor in the kitchen too!


maryellenlewis said...

it's beautiful. love it. love it. love it!
-Mary Ellen