Thursday, September 08, 2005

Labor Day Weekend Guests

Tim's dad and step-mom and his sister Haylee came up from Alabama for Labor Day weekend. They stayed at a local hotel that has a pool. So we spent the weekend visiting, swimming and, of course, eating. Grandpa treated us to dinner at O'Charley's in Garner for Grandma Ginnie's birthday. And then they took the boys and Mia on a shopping spree in the Dollar Tree. Chas and Simon had great fun at the pool, they were able to float around in their swim rings all the way into the 5 foot section of the pool. Chas is even getting the hang of using his arms and kicking his feet to propel himself forward. He likes to call it swimming, and he's pretty good at it. Mia and her grandpa found a special bond right away. Like magnets. Tim is very much like his dad. This should serve them both well for bonding when he returns.

Which is the next big news to share. Current information points toward him leaving Iraq on Monday. It should be a speedy trip with no overnight stays anywhere, but I doubt it will be a same day return, if that makes any sense. The kids and I will travel to Jacksonville on Tuesday, squeeze in a few doctor's appointments and hang out at our friend's house until someone calls us with a time to pick him up. I believe they are flying in to Cherry Point Air Station, but we'll get him at Camp Lejeune. Even allowing for delays, I fully expect all of us to be home in Clayton by the end of the week.

In the meantime, we are filling each day with plenty of things to keep us busy. My dad came and got Tim's truck up and running and then took it home with him to wash and vacuum it. We purchased materials today to decorate a welcome home poster for the front door. And we are planning lots of home cooked meals; soon we'll fill the pantry and fridge. We'll pick out special clothes to wear and pack our suitcase to go to Heidi's to _wait_.

Thanks for checking in with us, and please keep our family on your prayers as we face unique challenges of reunion. Of course, we'll post a message when he returns, or if there is any change in plans.

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