Friday, September 16, 2005

Here is Mia posing for a preview of the sign we made for Daddy. Preparations are almost complete. We have stocked the fridge and cabinets. Chas helped out at the grocery store, just he and I went. Lowe's Foods has child size carts and he maneuvered his quite well through the store and even unloaded it at the check out stand. He held the doors for me at ChikFilA, on the way in and the way out, even offered me some of his chicken. We split a piece of cheesecake, too. A few nights ago Simon and I had our time together, we went to ChikFilA and then to Target. When we got back that night Simon ran over to his brother and said 'I am so happy about you'. I think he meant to say he was happy to see him. And tonight when Chas and I returned with the groceries, he said ' I was so worried about you', to both of us. He was so excited about the surprise he and Nana made for me. They weeded the walk way leading to the side porch. I asked Simon did he like helping, and he said 'I watched, that's why (how) I helped'. Ah. I see.
So I have no idea, but I am hoping that by now Tim has left Iraq, or at least gotten his first flight in that direction. Please keep us in your prayers! Oh and thanks for checking in!

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