Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A call from Tim

We got a call from Tim today. It had been 16 days since we talked last, way too long. It was the longest gap in communication since he left in February. He is really missing us. Even the thought of leaving Iraq in two weeks or so couldn't lift his spirit. But he sounded much better by the end of the call. There was much to tell him about the kids, and all they have been up to. And also all the shopping, moving furniture, redecorating, reorganizing, and cooking I am doing to get ready for homecoming.
We talked of plans for his vacation. We are not sure yet how long he'll be able to take, but he assures me he will take the maximum allowable. He says he doesn't care what we do when he gets back as long as he is with us. Oh, but he did request that we go to Dunkin Donuts on the way home from the base. He is trying desperately to make it home in time for Chas' birthday, although I don't know how much influence or control he has over that. I told him Chas' idea for the birthday cake with the split personality and he says we'll do it! Chas was so excited to hear about it, I thought I saw tears in his eyes.
Tim also told us a story about a bat in his room. That would be the spooky night flying type, not the baseball type. They named it Kevin after their Gunny, and made him welcome. Until he pooped in the room. He is in a dumpster somewhere near Fallujah now. The boys thought it was so funny, they were drawing pictures of Daddy sitting on a bed, throwing a football at a couple of bats.
Well, thanks for checking in with us! We are 13 days and counting!

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