Saturday, July 02, 2005

what do you want to be when you grow up?

Today, Chas told me, everything is too hard, he just wants to be a daddy when he grows up. And Simon piped up with 'I want to be a baby when I grow up'.

Then tonight, two overtired boys climbed into their beds to listen to books. Simon was whining about something, I don't remember what, so Chas says to him 'it's hard to be three, huh Simon?'

I hung wallpaper for the first time tonight. I purchased the border paper for the laundry closet some time ago, and thought I had better get to it before Tim returns. So after clearing off the shelves (piled the stuff in the hallway and hall bathroom) and detaching them from the wall, in the brilliant flourescent lighting that my dad so kindly installed for me, I saw that the whole room needed spackle and fresh paint as well. Somehow, it only took a few days from start to finish. I could have made plenty of excuses not to finish it so quickly, but a larger excuse to the contrary loomed: it was approaching being a fire hazard in the hallway, and the laundry was piling up in both bathrooms, so getting to a toilet to relieve oneself was also becoming a challenge. So it's done, but replacing all the crap on the shelves is another project in itself, and the rest of the world goes on, so dishes and laundry are waiting too. It never ends, but at least I have beautiful wallpaper to look at while chained to the laundry machines.

Well, we have a busy few weeks coming up. Plans to see fireworks with my family for the holiday, followed by a day trip to Camp Lejeune, then a trip to my inlaws' for a few days. I see that has a new way to post pics, maybe I'll get that put together soon.

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