Friday, May 20, 2005

our daughter the gumball machine, and soon-to-be fully functioning member of society

It will never cease to amaze me what children pick up on their own. Mia has learned quite a few new things which she uses daily to function. She lets us know she is making sense of her world. Say, for instance, she is hanging out under the kitchen table with a strange stare in her eyes. All I have to say is 'what are you eating?' and a surprise tumbles out much like a gumball from a vending machine at the grocery store. 'Surprise' is a misnomer really, I find that I am not surprised anymore.

Also I noticed she recognizes and understands a few words, like blanket and brother and cat. If I ask her where her blanket is, she'll look around for it. The boys were never attached to blanket as she is. She sleeps in the bed with me after her first night feeding. While I look forward to the future when I can have the bed to myself (with the obvious exception of my husband), it such a peaceful sight to watch her sleeping there, clutching her blanket to her chin, sucking on her bottom lip.

She and the kitten are close friends. Little ones have to look out for each other. They talk through the window on the french door in the kitchen. And when Penelope brushes by, tickling Mia's face with her tail, she squeals with delight.

She has grown quite attached to her brothers. I have noticed that she calls to them if they leave the room where she is. It's a short 'aaaa' sound, with a hint of inquisition in the inflection. She also calls this way to the various appliances in the house when they beep. They went outside without her the other day (the brothers, not the appliances). She was so incredibly upset she fell into hysterics on the floor in the foyer. I figured she would get distracted by one of the many toys littering the floor and calm down eventually. But when she went into her second hour of crying... just kidding. But she did go on and on, I ended up taking her outside with them. They were drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, then they left to go to the playhouse in the side yard. She called to them - 'aaaa' - they didn't answer, she decided to follow them. Off she went

oooh another gumball surprise for me, a toy jack. yum.

so she took off across the grass, her little khakis picking up grass stains as she went.
So, in addition to these new developments, Mia also likes to dance. She favors Simon quite a bit physically, and now I notice that she likes to dance, much like Simon did. The first thing Simon did when he learned to walk was make a bee line for the radio in the living room. He grabbed a hold, one hand on each side and moved his head back and forth, bouncing up and down on his chubby little legs. Mia bops her head side to side. She responds to music this way, as well as one of us asking her if she wants to dance. She'll be nine months next week. She has already taken a few steps, four or five at a time.
Fascinating, the way the human brain develops. It's like she has had a spurt in her brain growth. It has to be frightening being a little thing, dependent on others. She is in a good spot now, where she feels secure and can function well with the few skills she has.

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