Thursday, April 07, 2005

Phone Call

Tim was able to call home today around 1:45pm (our time). He and his team members are fine, but very busy. He says he was dealing poker when the attack happened. He had to cash out everyone at the table, then go take care of business. Anyone who knows Tim well will understand his type of humor. I think, in this case, it is his way of protecting us from any potentially upsetting details.

He travels frequently between the prison and another base. One place has good phone/email service, but he usually doesn't have time to use either while he is there. And the other place has limited communications, and there he has plenty of time to kill (_not_ a pun, by the way). So, he is unsure when he can call again, but he sounds like he's in good spirits.

Oh and if you would like to count down with us till his return, we have nearly 7 weeks gone so far, and have a little over 21 weeks to go.

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