Sunday, April 24, 2005

Morning entertainment

The boys have been using their tinker toys to make all sorts of things, such as swords to play pirates, and most recently, microphones on stands. Chas likes to don all his accessories: a watch, belt, sunglasses, a ring he made from the tire of a long gone hot wheels car, a bracelet and a necklace, then stand behind his microphone and play a song on his two stringed ukulele (which he swears sounds just fine with two strings, and has asked me not to replace the other two.)

This morning while getting ready for church, Simon made himself a microphone out of tinker toys and asked me to dance while he sings. He said I dance like a beautiful butterfly. Then Chas joined in on his microphone and the lyrics of his song go something like this…

Once there was a beautiful butterfly, who gotten eaten by a tiger.
And the tiger got eaten by a polar bear,
The dolphins ate the polar bear.
Then the tree climber bears ate the dolphins.
Then that was the end of the last beautiful butterfly.

Maybe they are watching too much National Geographic channel.

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