Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Simon rescues a pinecone...

Even though, after two emergency room visits in a six month period last year, he has earned the nickname 'Crash', our dear Simon is such a gentle spirit. He has been known to wrap a truck in a blanket and hold it to his cheek, and he is always ready to fill an empty cat bowl or prevent his sister from mouthing a rogue plastic bag or stale cracker.
Today, while visiting Nana and Pop Pop in Garner, a favorite retreat on a napless afternoon, we looked up to find Simon standing in the road holding a pinecone. I ran to him and knelt down in the yard (amidst about 2 dozen pinecones), took his hands and looked him in the eye. I began explaining to him about how cars can hurt you, etc. He held up the pinecone and began his own explanation, 'those two cars were going to crash into this pinecone and break it.' It was a beautiful pinecone.


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Uncle Tom said...

Cute story, Jax.

I have to tell you a cute one about Kelley.

She was about 3 when she got her first look at the ocean. We arrived as it was getting dark, and big brother Brian (6) ran down to the water with Mom while Kelley kept back, holding Daddy's hand. I said to her "We're going to go swimming in there tomorrow." She immediately asked "Is it going to be doing THAT?" They are so precious.